Required terms for a proposal(2)

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4. Goals, hypothesis and research inquiries
• General goals and targets must be determined.
• General target should compatibility with title of the research
• The final conclusion must be the result of the general target
• The specific target of the proposal must be measurable
• Purpose the proposal must be realistic
• Hypothesis must be noted as directional proposition.
• Hypothesis must be considered as unequivocal declarative sentence
• Questions of the projects must match specific purposes
• Relation between few variables should be asked by the question
• Research questions should be defined for each specific purposes

Measurement of variables

• Variables should have operational and theoretical perspective
• Definition of theoretical variables must refers to the scientific documentation
• The variables must be scientifically and measurably identified
• The appropriateness types variables must be considered
• Measurement of each variables should be clear .
• Roles of the variables must be identified in the research
Types of Research
• Type of research must be identified as purpose of research
• The process of the research implementation must be on the basis of research type
• Type of the research must be based on the determined the running time
• Type of the research should be determined due to results of the study.

7 Research methods
• Research methods should be explained step by step.
• The verbs related to future activities should be described.
• Compliance methodology and the type of research should be observed

8-Research society .
• Accuracy in definition of research society
• Accuracy in selection of a criteria for the sample
• The society should have criteria for the selection.

9-Research Environment
• The research environment must be clear.
• The limit of research environment must be obvious

10-Data collection tools and analytical methods
• Data collection tools should be clear.
• The used tools must be tailored to the type of research.
• The used tools must be appropriate to the research.
• Study methods of the tools must be examined.
• Details and process of data collection must be clear.
• Method of data analysis in the research must be defined.

Review of research background
• Journals should have scientific level
• Contents must be arranged due to publication date
• Studying of the contents must be relevant to the subject of the research
• Adequate information must be provided by papers

Limitations in the research:

• Possible limitations should be mentioned.
•Even in case of limitations research should be possible

Prediction time:
• Accurate phasing in the research
• Type of research must suits the prediction time
• Drawing Gantt chart for research processes

Calculating Costs
• Breaking the costs of the study based on the process
• Proportionality between type of the research and costs
• Inserting the costs on the top of column
• Number of resources must be adequate for each study
Resource of the final report
• Sources must be submitted at the end of the reports
• Sufficient variety of sources




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