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One of the considerable topic of public administration in the end of doctorate dissertation is knowledge management. The points which are mentioned at the of doctoral dissertation of knowledge management indicates that this management is not just for academia also significantly can be considered as a main topic of governmental legislature, enterprises, investors, and shareholders.
The most of researchers which has been accomplished in private sectors i.e., field of knowledge management and intellectual investment but at recent studies this sorts of dissertation have involved governmental organizations such as universities, research centers and they are interested in this type of research. Perhaps one of the reasons that has caused many scholars of public administration to have research on the knowledge management at the universities is the main topic which represents targets of the universities .This target involves production and diffusion of knowledge. The main investment of these organization would be on scope of research and human resources. Despite of the statements, type of dissertation in outputs or inputs of university is intangible however limited tools for measurement and management can be determined .One of the main reasons regarding to this issue which have been mention at the end part of the dissertation is generally about perception of people from knowledge management as mentally or made from use of vague linguistic words.
The main purpose of the doctoral dissertation in the field of public administration is providing a model and phased approaches for knowledge management in universities and academic institutes also in this type of dissertation, researchers try to analyses the gap between expectations and perceptions staff of different centers which is count as community, thus in conclusion of the results, the model will be submitted .




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