How to select the subject of the dissertation

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For writing the dissertation several important issues must be considered. The first step is selecting the subject of dissertation since having idea helps to have intellectual orientation

For selecting the item of the dissertation , the initial studies in scope of any a expertise should be done ,also the review for the previous works of outside or inside the country must be examined about the  research methods .For having access to these resources ,searches on the reference sites and overviewing on websites, such as Iran DOC and Sivilica, also to the reliable papers, journals such as  Springer, IEEE, Elsevier,….. can be efficient for selecting item for dissertation

After examining the previous issues one of the titles should be selected as the main reference and the additional part of the research must be submitted by the research method ,It should be noticed that if the selected  subject is repetitive and has no creativity, thus that means the research has no worth to work on

For selecting the subject three question is must

  1. The problem that leads to select this item
  2. The aim of accomplishment of this selected item
  3. The creativity which should be submitted in this field

After selecting the subject, the next step is writing a proposal for subject defense. Selecting the subject carefully and answering to the above questions can help the submitting of appropriate proposal and determine the final subject

In addition in each process, selecting of  the subject accordance to the noted points  are as important as the interest of the person who the dissertation should be submitted to ,thus the process will be expedited

Accomplishing the Dissertation-Writing a proposal

The next step after selecting the subject is writing of the content of proposal. It is important section that encourages to approve your subject to accomplish the research

Usually this content has a specified format which already been determined by the respondent The students formats are available in research departments of the universities




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